Learn Live: The New Frontiers Of Catalogue Marketing

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Fresh ideas for past releases.





What should artists’ teams be thinking about in order to harness the power of previous releases?

In the streaming era, fans can listen to what they want, whenever they want, discovering tracks and artists from the entire history of recorded music. Meanwhile, TikTok is helping old tracks go viral with young listeners, while sectors including gaming, fitness and wellbeing are creating a plethora of sync opportunities for past releases. All this means that catalogue music is front and centre, with the line drawn between catalogue and frontline – 18 months after release usually – increasingly blurry. According to MRC Data, 73.1% of US music consumption is now catalogue music.

Our next Music Ally Learn Live webinar will explore these trends, and explain how savvy marketers are using catalogue music to reactivate streaming and social algorithms and reengage fanbases in the run-up to new releases. In a world with a constant demand for new content from and around artists, the role of their back catalogues is only becoming more important. Catalogue is no longer just about anniversary box-sets for albums released decades ago – as important and creative as those products are. It’s just as much about labels and artists’ teams thinking about what they can do today to harness the power of previous releases.

  • By the end of our webinar, you’ll be equipped to:
  • Promote catalogue with user-generated content (UGC) campaigns
  • Seek out new sync opportunities for your music
  • Use the power of TikTok in your catalogue marketing
  • Make the most of streaming and social algorithms to reengage fans with artists’ catalogues
  • Drive consumption by repackaging catalogues in exciting new ways
  • Drive consumption by repackaging catalogues in exciting new ways