TikTok: Top Strategies To Increase Views

Strategies for engaging and retaining viewers

Sarah · July 13, 2023

Discover the key techniques that attract viewers, generate likes, comments, and shares, ultimately boosting your artist’s visibility on the platform. With practical examples and expert insights, this video will equip you with the skills to create compelling TikTok content that captivates and connects with your target audience. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of viewer retention on TikTok and how it affects video visibility,
  • Effective storytelling techniques,
  • How to create videos with surprising endings and enticing reveals,
  • Methods to encourage repeat views,
  • Why it’s important to utilise TikTok’s Photo Mode, Duets and Stitches functions.

About Instructor


Sarah is the Learning Operations Manager at Music Ally. She develops Music Ally's learning hub courses on marketing, technology and business for the music industry in addition to delivering live/bespoke training to a wide range of clients like Chrysalis Records, Sony Music Australia and Berklee College of Music. Prior to her role at Music Ally, Sarah built up experience as a musician, songwriter, producer and digital marketer operating in Trinidad & Tobago and Canada leading her to a smooth transition into training and mentoring in her current role.

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