TikTok: Key Video Elements To Optimise

Best practices for boosting reach

Karolina · June 13, 2023

In this video, you will learn how to leverage key video elements effectively and increase visibility for your artist’s content on TikTok We will walk you through best practices around keywords, hashtags, and sounds to target the right audience and gain more views on TikTok.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand TikTok’s algorithm and how it recommends content
  • Optimise your videos with compelling keywords and captions
  • Harness the power of hashtags to reach targeted audiences
  • Strategically incorporate TikTok’s promoted and community hashtags
  • Discover niche communities and tap into their interests
  • Utilise trending sounds to boost visibility and engagement
  • And more!

About Instructor


Karolina Kay has experience in artist management and development, PR, event management and concert promotion, and holds a degree in Music Business. She devises and delivers training and marketing strategies to a wide range of Music Ally’s clients including record labels and management companies, and analyses the latest marketing tools for Sandbox.

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