Music Videos: Build Excitement Pre-Launch

5 ways to excite fans for a music video 

Karolina · July 25, 2023

Learn effective strategies and creative examples to build excitement and anticipation before launching your music video, including leveraging social media platforms, unique promotional techniques, and engaging with fans.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Strategies for a pre-launch promotion for a music video,
  • How to leverage social media platforms for maximum exposure,
  • How to utilise short-form videos and storytelling techniques to engage fans,
  • How to build anticipation through interactive fan activities and contests,
  • How to use specialised tools for targeted fan notifications.

About Instructor


Karolina Kay has experience in artist management and development, PR, event management and concert promotion, and holds a degree in Music Business. She devises and delivers training and marketing strategies to a wide range of Music Ally’s clients including record labels and management companies, and analyses the latest marketing tools for Sandbox.

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