Labels, Publishers & Distributors

Understand the role of labels, publishers and distributors in the industry
Patrick · February 7, 2023

An overview of labels, publishers, and distributors and how the lines between label and distribution are increasingly being blurred.

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Originally from Atlanta, GA, Patrick went to Belmont University in Nashville, TN to learn the music business and get an MBA. He took their slogan “From here to anywhere” very literally, and decided to relocate to London. He finished his studies and got his start working in the UK music industry with the Canadian Nettwerk Records. He continued to work with indie labels and artists, doing what he called "web presence management”, at the dawn of social media. He served as Head of Digital Marketing for digital distributor AWAL, and eventually VP, Digital Marketing for Kobalt’s Label Services division, now called AWAL Recordings and owned by Sony. 2018 saw him join Music Ally, where he is now COO, and oversees company operations. This entails working with partners across the industry, from majors to publishers, tech companies and startups, distributors managers and rightsholders. He guides Music Ally with his tech savvy background and deep understanding of the business, to help his clients, and the industry at large continue to evolve. He makes it his business to know what is what and who is who in the modern global music business, a business that always sits on the leading edge of technology. Through Music Ally’s wide reach, his personal network, and passion for understanding the music business, he’s one of the few people out there with a balanced view of how this industry is evolving, and where it might go next.

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