Meta Ad Mastery

Learn how to expand your music audience with powerful platforms and grow your fanbase
Kushal · March 6, 2023

By taking this course, you’ll develop the skills you need to market music effectively with Facebook Business and Ads Manager (now called Meta Business and Ads Manager). From reaching new audiences to retargeting existing fans, you’ll gain the understanding of how to move fans down the fan funnel and convert as many of them to superfans as possible. You’ll also learn how to create the most cost efficient campaigns, helping you send your return on ad spend through the roof.

We start by taking you through some foundational advertising theory and advertising’s role in digital music marketing. Next, we give you an overview of Meta Ads Manager to get you familiar with the platform so that you can quickly set up campaigns, ad sets and ads. Then, we look at different ad types and best practices as well as tools within Meta Business Manager that are essential for successful advertising across Facebook and instagram. Lastly, we’ll reveal why you should avoid boosting organic posts using the ‘Boost Post’ options, and show you an alternative and more effective way of putting spend behind your organic posts.

About Instructor


Kushal (or Kush for short) was Music Ally's Head of Training, responsible for delivering digital strategy workshops and consultancy to the music industry. He worked with a broad spectrum of clients including Sony, Universal, Warner, Beggars Group, BBC, MMF, BPI, AIM, BIMM, Berklee College of Music and Platoon. Kush also works across Music Ally's marketing services roster and has worked on campaigns for the likes of Hollywood Records, Blue Raincoat Music and Rare Sound. Kush has always had a keen interest in technology, initially working at a financial technology company after graduating from The London School of Economics. He continues to explore the latest trends at Music Ally, regularly conducting research and hosting webinars on topics such as gaming and livestreaming. His past music industry experience ranges from playlist pitching at independent label AntiFragile Music to social media management at music marketing agency Burstimo. His diverse professional background offers him a unique perspective on a range of artist marketing strategies.

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