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How to conquer new music markets in 2023

Magda · June 21, 2023

In the streaming era, music knows no borders. Listeners across the world have unprecedented access to a vast array of music, and that gives artists and their teams an opportunity to reach previously-untapped markets. But how?

This Learn Live webinar will help you understand what’s required for artists to thrive in new international markets!

We explore key questions including:

  • How can you determine if your artist is export-ready?
  • What analytics will help you decide which territories to focus on?
  • How can you execute a highly effective digital marketing campaign abroad?
  • How do you create local relevance around the artist in a specific market?
  • What role do local partnerships and collaborations play in breaking an artist in a new territory?

The webinar delves into these and other essential considerations for international expansion, with compelling case studies drawn from various countries and genres.

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