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Digital Strategy Assessments: Optimise credibility and web performance

Louise · April 4, 2023

In this current landscape, an artist’s digital presence can say a lot about their career stage, and a simple Google search can easily add or remove credibility from their project. Digital Strategy Assessments, also known as digital health checks, must be a part of every good marketer’s toolkit and should be executed regularly. They help ensure that an artist’s digital presence is fully optimised, meaning that they are discoverable across the web, that traffic is sent to their current priority destinations, and also that they are making the most out of all the platforms they are on. This course explains how to structure and develop a digital health check as well as how to improve your artist’s credibility on social media by correcting common mistakes and inconsistencies. We will also cover optimisation in-depth to learn how to improve your artist’s performance with SEO, websites, key social media platforms and the most popular DSPs. We will then teach you how to collect fan data efficiently in order to analyse it and spot trends and opportunities.

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