Behind The Campaign: SZA – ‘SOS’

The strategic marketing journey of SZA's 'SOS

Amy · June 13, 2023

Analyse the marketing strategies and tactics that RCA’s marketing team employed to promote SZA’s highly anticipated second album after a long hiatus. Learn about the application of adaptability, fan engagement, and effective agency collaborations in shaping a successful digital marketing campaign.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Techniques to effectively engage fans in paid strategies, incorporating user-generated content for authenticity and community building
  • The importance of agility and flexibility in campaign strategies to capitalise on emerging trends and audience responses
  • The strategic use of specialized agencies to achieve diverse campaign objectives
  • Methods to build anticipation and create hype around a product
  • How to maintain campaign momentum with various highlight moments
  • Lessons from the success of SZA’s ‘SOS’ campaign and how to apply these in your own marketing strategies.

About Instructor


I am a highly experienced music industry professional who has worked with Platoon and Apple Music Publishing and started my career by founding an inclusive queer live music venue in Cape Town. With a comprehensive understanding of the music business, I am well-versed in copyright, publishing, data analysis, and community management. My knowledge and expertise make me an ideal partner for artists and their marketing teams who are looking to succeed in the modern music industry. I understand that building a strong and engaged fan community is crucial for an artist's success. As an advocate for innovation and inclusion, I am committed to supporting artists and their teams in their quest for success.

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