Voice Technology 101

Demystifying Alexa, and why it matters
Marlen · May 5, 2023

Voice technology could be described as the biggest technological revolution since the smartphone, and Amazon Music was made with voice in mind, to make the listening experience as simple as possible. Amazon’s Alexa is the go-to voice-assistant for the majority of voice users – which is why you need to know how to release and market music on Alexa.

In this masterclass, you will learn about how voice technology changes the way we listen to music and what that means for the releasing and promotion of your artist’s music. We will explain how the technology works and what you need to do to ensure the voice service can surface your artist’s music when a user requests it. For example: What kind of metadata you should supply to maximise opportunities for your artist to be streamed via voice, which delivery best practices to follow when releasing music, and what to do when there are issues with your artist’s name or titles. On top of that, we will showcase how to use the growing number of voice-driven marketing opportunities within Amazon Music and Amazon Music for Artists to help your artists better connect with their fans using voice.

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Marlen is the Head of Marketing & Audience at Music Ally, where she leads on the development and execution of marketing strategy and marketing innovation services for artists and their teams. She’s helped artists across a range of genres, territories and audience sizes to fine-tune their digital strategy, build their fan community, and execute creative digital campaigns. Marlen started her career in the music industry working for Universal Music Group & Brands in Germany and Switzerland, before obtaining a Masters in Music Business Management at the University of Westminster in London. She’s a passionate fan of pop music and loves an empowering pop anthem.

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