Amazon Music Programming

Breaking down the Amazon Music approach to curation
Marlen · May 11, 2023

Learn how to get your music into the ears of more listeners on Amazon Music. In this course, you will learn how Amazon Music is unique in its approach to curation, what its Programming team looks for when curating music for playlists and stations, what programming opportunities exist, and which data points help inform those decisions. As part of this, we will walk you through Amazon Music’s different playlist categories across multiple genres and locales so you become an expert on Programming on Amazon Music – which will help you drive success for your artists on this major DSP. We will also offer useful tips on how to increase discovery via Alexa as well as streams via algorithmic curation. Finally, we’ll cover how artists and their teams can pitch new music for programming consideration using the Amazon Music for Artists app, and how to craft a convincing pitch.

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Marlen is the Head of Marketing & Audience at Music Ally, where she leads on the development and execution of marketing strategy and marketing innovation services for artists and their teams. She’s helped artists across a range of genres, territories and audience sizes to fine-tune their digital strategy, build their fan community, and execute creative digital campaigns. Marlen started her career in the music industry working for Universal Music Group & Brands in Germany and Switzerland, before obtaining a Masters in Music Business Management at the University of Westminster in London. She’s a passionate fan of pop music and loves an empowering pop anthem.

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